How to Reduce Watch Band Size

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Whether you’re a man or a woman, a wristwatch makes for a classic accessory. And for the best look, you want it to fit right. The watch shouldn’t slip around the wrist; it should stay in place. A snug, but not-too-tight fit is ideal. Sometimes that means resizing the band. You can take the band into a professional for adjustment, but often this is a process you can do yourself. Different band styles require a different approach.

Clasp Adjustments

Locate the spring bar holding the clasp in place. Once you remove this bar, you will be able to adjust the clasp’s position on the watchband, making the band a smaller size when closed. This is a good adjustment to make with only a minor reduction in size needed.

Use a straightened paper clip to push the spring bar out of its seat. This will free the clasp.

Attach the clasp further up the watchband to make it smaller. You’ll line up the clasp with the watchband and then push the spring bar into the hole on the side, through a segment of the watchband and into the hole on the other side of the clasp. When finished, the spring bar should be flush on both sides, and the clasp should be held securely to the watchband.

Stretch Band Adjustments

Determine how many links you need to remove from the wristband. You can measure your wrist using a tape measure and then use that length to determine the wristband's circumference should be when completed. Count the extra links beyond the desired length. That’s how many you’ll need to remove.

Bend out the flaps of the top edge of the section to be removed. Lay the watch face down for this step. Then flip the watch over and bend out the opposite flaps of the links directly to the left of those you just opened.

Slide the section to be removed sideways, disengaging the staples holding it in place. Now you can remove the unwanted section of links.

Use the staples to attach the open-ended links, reforming the band. Close the open flaps.

Removing Links

Determine if each link in the watchband is held in place with screws or with pins.

Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws of the link you plan to remove. For pins, use a pin pusher and small hammer to remove them. Look for arrows on the inside face of the links to see which direction to remove pins in. Always push pins in the direction the arrow is pointing.

Remove the link after the pin is free. Reconnect the remaining links, using the pin to reassemble the band.