How to Put Together Creative Gift Baskets

Sometimes it is difficult to pick out the perfect gift for that special person on your list. It is also hard to find something that will cover some of his or her interests but be creative as well. Put together a creative gift basket that will do just that.

Stuff the bottom of the basket with crumpled tissue paper.

Choose items the recipient would enjoy. Sometimes it is easier to have a theme in mind before beginning. That way, you can revolve the basket around the theme. Some examples are "A Day at the Spa," "Time for a Picnic," "Quiet Evening for Two" or "An Afternoon with a Good Book."

Place items in the basket. Keep taller items in the back, and situate the smaller items in the front.

Secure by wrapping plastic around the basket, or keep the basket open and decorate with tulle or ribbon.

Complete gift basket with a handwritten note listing the items and why they make you think of the recipient.