How to Play the Bridal Shower Game, Mr. Right

Games are traditional parts of bridal showers. One such game is Mr. Right, otherwise known as the Right Left bridal shower game. This game is fun and gives the winner a prize at the end. The person who is left holding the gift at the end is the winner. The conclusion of the game is used to give a prize to the person who remembers the most details about the story you tell.

Instruct all your guests to sit in a circle. Hand out the wrapped presents, distributing them randomly among the guests.

Ask your guests to listen closely to the story and pass the gifts to their left or right when they hear you say 'left' or 'right.'

Recite the following story, without stopping: "(Bride) knew 'right' away that she had found Mr. 'Right' and the 'right' date was set. Now seemed to be the 'right' time to start so she 'left' 'right' after lunch and went 'right' to her mother's house. She 'left' so fast the she 'left' her list 'right' on the kitchen counter, but there was not enough time to go back. She knew she had to start 'right' away to make sure that nothing was 'left' uncovered. With only 30 days until the wedding day, there was no time 'left' to spare and still so much 'left' to do. She asked her mother to 'write' the guest list because she knew that no one would be 'left' out. (Bride) 'left' to buy the 'right' invitations. She 'left' a message for the florist, and headed 'right' to the bridal shop. 'Right' there in the window was the perfect dress. She realized that she 'left' her check book 'right' in the car and told the shop owner to hold the dress because she would be 'right' back. After she bought her dress, she called Mr. 'Right' and 'left' him a message to call her 'right' back. She 'left' to go back to the florist who had 'left' her a message that they had found the 'right' flowers. Mr. 'Right' called her back and said he 'left' a message for the pastor to call them 'right' back. After a long day of running around and shopping for the 'right' wedding stuff, they were both 'left' exhausted. They both agreed to call it a day and he 'left' and she went 'right' to bed."

Identify the guests holding gifts at the end of the game and ask the following questions: When did the bride leave that day? Where was the first place that she went? What did she leave on the counter? What task did she give her mother? While on the way to buy invitations, who did she leave a message for? Who did Mr. Right call and leave a message for? How many days until the wedding? Where did she see the wedding dress? Where did she leave her check book? How many places did the bride go to that day for wedding stuff?

Give a prize to the person who remembers the most details about the story you told.