How to Plan a Bachelor Party

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Party Games
  • Party Drinks
  • Party Snacks
  • Ball Game Tickets
  • Calendars
  • Personal Organizers

How to Plan a Bachelor Party. Whether you plan to camp out in the wilderness or cruise the groom's favorite nightspots, make sure your soon-to-be-wed friend will never forget this special event.

Step 1

Discuss potential dates and times with the groom and then confer with the rest of the wedding party.

Step 2

Try not to involve the groom in anything except choosing the date, venue and guest list.

Step 3

Tailor the party to fit the personality of the groom-to-be. If the groom's a big hoops fan, go to an NBA game, for example.

Step 4

Solicit ideas from the other attendees.

Step 5

Estimate costs ahead of time, and factor in cover charges, drinks and cab rides. Avoid collecting money during or after the event.

Step 6

Arrange taxis or designated drivers if alcohol is part of the evening's plans.


  • Organizing a bachelor party is traditionally the responsibility of the best man. Even though this is your buddy's final night as a single man, arranging a last fling is not appropriate. Do your best to put the bride's mind at ease. Bachelor parties don't need to focus on booze and strippers. Consider group events such as paintball, golf or houseboating. A commemorative shirt for everybody can be fun. You can also consider asking the groom what he wants to do, but don't make any promises.


  • If the bachelor party is the night before the wedding, make sure the groom isn't going to be hungover or otherwise incapacitated for the ceremony.