How to Make Your Own Wedding Planner and Organizer Binder

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Why spend $20 or more on a wedding planner when you can make your own for the cost of supplies? Beside, those pre made planners are generic and you'll end up changing things around to suit your specific needs anyway. Some binders do offer advice, but no better than what you'd get looking at all of those bridal magazines and online wedding sites.

Create labels for your section dividers. Labels may include budget, payment tracker, guest list, equipment rentals, floor plan, flowers, photographer, tux rentals, dress rentals, hair and make-up, cake, rings, stationary, honeymoon, gifts and thank you note list and favors. Make your own labels of things that apply to your wedding.

Put at least one page protector behind each divider. Use the page protector to hold receipts for each category. This makes them easy to find and readily available if you need to return something or check the price.

Print off some calendar pages and place them behind a divider marked "Calendar." Use this area to keep track of vendor appointments.

Place the notebook, pencil/pen, sticky notes and calculator in the front pocket of the binder for easy access.

Punch holes in any vendor bids, contracts or correspondence and place them behind the appropriate tab.

Punch holes in any pictures of dresses or hairstyles that you have collected and place them behind the appropriate dividers.

As you create a guest list and begin to receive RSVPs, keep track of them in the appropriate section of your planner.

Keep a list of gifts you received in your planner, so you'll have easy access when you're ready to write thank you notes.

On your wedding day, hand your binder over to you "wedding planner" for the day. It will help her make sure all payments are made to vendors, tips given to the appropriate people and everything from flower and cake placement to the wedding ceremony go off according to plan.