A Wedding Director's Duties

If you're getting married soon, but want to plan the ceremony and reception yourself, instead of a wedding planner, consider hiring a wedding director, who will make sure that everything involving your special day goes smoothly. A wedding director's role is different from that of a wedding planner, as she doesn't make decisions about the wedding and reception, instead coordinating the events to make you more at ease about the organization of your wedding.

Times and Locations

The wedding director is responsible for making sure that every aspect of the wedding planning and wedding day happens without complications. To do this, the couple must give the wedding director a copy of the schedule for the wedding day and the day(s) before the ceremony. For instance, a wedding director should know when the rehearsal dinner is to start and where the dinner will be held. The director should also know when and where the bridesmaids should meet for their final fittings, or which salon the bridal party will visit to have their hair and/or nails done. Members of the wedding party should also be able to contact the wedding director to get these details in case the bride is not available.

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding directors will also need to ensure that everyone involved in the wedding is in place for the ceremony. Once the wedding party arrives at the ceremony site, the wedding director perform duties such as lining the flower girls up in the correct order before they enter the church and making sure the groomsmen and bridesmaids are walking into the wedding with the right partner. The wedding director checks to see that all female members of the wedding party have their correct bouquets and are wearing jewelry and accessories that the bride has requested.


During the reception, a wedding director works with the DJ or those in charge of the music to ensure songs will be played at the right time. The director also directs the bride and groom to the cut the cake at the right time, and lets the reception announcer know when each dance (such as the father-daughter dance and the couple's first dance) will take place. Toasts and well wishes given at the wedding reception must go through the wedding director, who will let everyone presenting a toast know how much time is allotted for their presentation.