Checklist for a Bridal Assistant

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A bridal assistant is a little different than a wedding planner; assistants are often your best friend, sister, mother or maid of honor. They help you keep track of all the little details of the wedding, are there for you when you need advice and help you get dressed and stay stress-free on the wedding day.

Months Before the Wedding

Be prepared to go wedding dress shopping with the bride. Look at each dress objectively; the bride will want your honest opinion on what looks good on her. Go with her to pick out bridesmaid dresses; you will, after all, be wearing one. Help the bride keep track of the wedding gifts she receives at bridal showers and in the mail. Help to plan a wedding shower and bachelorette party. If the bride requests, help her address wedding invitations.

During the Wedding Weekend

Go to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. If the bride's family is decorating the ceremony or reception location, offer to help them. Arrive well in advance of the wedding to help the bride dress; the bride may even ask you to stay over the night before so you are there and ready in the morning. Be sure the bride has all of her accessories; jewelry, veil, shoes and groom's ring. Keep the groom's ring with you during the ceremony until it is time to hand it over.

Reception Duties

Directly after the wedding, help the bride bustle her dress or train, if necessary. Arrive at the reception area as early as possible to help with any problems that may crop up. Assist the bride with anything she may need, such as dress or makeup repair, preparing a plate of food for her or fetching her a drink. As wedding assistant, you may need to run interference for out of control guests or talk to the DJ about the choice of music being played.

After the Reception

Wedding assistants see the bride and groom off on their honeymoon, then turn to the last details of the day. Work with the bride's family to see what needs to be done. Thank guests for attending the wedding, offer to call taxi cabs for people who have drunk too much and make sure that everyone leaves in a timely manner. Help to gather any gifts that were brought to the reception; put them in your car or a family member's car and drive them to the desired location.