Morning Wedding Etiquette


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If you are planning on having your wedding in the morning, you and your spouse-to-be will be able to enjoy wedded bliss throughout the entire day. There are a few etiquette rules to keep in mind, however, so that your ceremony will go as planned, and guests can enjoy the day with you as well.


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Couples can have a informal, semi-formal, or formal wedding, depending on preference. If the bride wants an informal ceremony, it is acceptable for her to wear a white pants or skirt suit. The bride can also wear a short wedding dress for an informal morning wedding. For formal ceremonies, the bride's dress should touch the floor; a veil is usually worn for formal wedding, but is optional for semi-formal ceremonies. The groom's attire can be a sportcoat, corporate-style suit, or tuxedo, depending on whether the wedding is informal, semi-formal, or formal. The bride and groom should wear the same style of dress to the ceremony; for example, if the bride is dressed in a formal wedding gown, the groom should wear a tuxedo.


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For a morning wedding, the bridesmaids should wear dresses that complement the bride's gown; for example, pastel colors that will look good against the bride's white dress for photos. Additional ornamentation can be added to bridesmaids' dresses for morning ceremonies, such as beaded hems or lace boleros. However, flowers should be the main accessory for bridesmaids, so an elaborate bouquet for each of the bridesmaids to carry is acceptable. All bridesmaids should be younger than the bride.


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For morning weddings, the main job of the best man and groomsmen is to direct the wedding officiant to the couple getting married. Groomsmen also help the groom prepare for the wedding by making sure that all the groom's clothing and accessories are present for the ceremony; for example, the wedding band for the bride, the groom's bow tie, the groom's watch. If the groom needs assistance during the ceremony, the groomsmen should perform tasks like handing him his handwritten vows, or passing the groom the wedding band to give the bride.

Guest Attire

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Wedding guests should dress in clothing that is airy and light for the morning ceremony. A light-colored suit or sundress is appropriate for outdoor morning weddings, and dresses in airy or whimsical fabrics such as silk or chiffon are acceptable as well. Women are permitted to wear hats to a wedding that takes place in the morning, whether the ceremony is held indoors or out. Dark colors for clothing and accessories are not recommended.

Wedding Reception

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After the morning wedding takes place, proper etiquette suggests that a luncheon be held for the couple. This can be similar to a reception, but takes place earlier in the day, so the feel of the celebration may be more relaxed. The bride and groom can have brunch foods served at their wedding, or a lunch selection consisting of poultry dishes and fresh salads. The after-wedding celebration can also consist of appetizers or hors d'oeuvres; if alcoholic beverages are served, white wines and champagne are best.