How to Win a Girl Back After Cheating

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Love is a complicated thing, and when one partner is caught cheating, trust goes completely out the window. To win your girlfriend back after cheating, you must remember that it is a delicate process that requires due diligence and tenacity. Getting your girlfriend back will not happen overnight, but it might be possible. Women require love, respect and a little bit of sex appeal to return to a relationship with a partner that has cheated on them in the past.

Step 1

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Give her time. Everyone needs time alone to think after a traumatic experience. If you want to get your girlfriend back after cheating on her, don’t call her, don’t text her, don’t email her and don’t stop by her house. After a girl finds out she is being cheated on, there are many emotions running through her mind. It is important to stay away from her at this time. Let her deal with the emotions on her own and after a couple weeks or a month, her emotions will begin to cool off a bit.

Step 2

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Search for clues. When your girlfriend will not talk to you because you cheated, you must take matters into your own hands. After the cooling off period, find out what she is doing and where she is spending her time. If you are feeling especially bold, show up to a party or event you know she is going to be at. Remember appearance is everything at this point; get a hair cut, wear a new outfit and walk in with confidence. A public venue is a great place to see her and try and patch things up. Although she still may be giving you the cold shoulder when you do see her, don’t let this discourage you. Seeing her will plant the idea of you in her mind and if you look especially attractive; she will not be able to stop thinking about you regardless of the fact that she may still be angry about the cheating.

Step 3

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Retract and offer help or assistance. After seeing her at a party, it is important to stay out of sight for a few days to a week. This will enable her to think about you and mull over the fact that she happened to run into you. Give her time to process this happening and when it feels right, contact her. Do this casually and not invasively. Offer her assistance or help with something you know she worries about. For instance, if you know she is searching for a new job, email her some links on the Internet to job sites to help her search. If you know she has problems with her car; send her a text of a great mechanic you know or offer to fix her car yourself. Whatever it is, she will appreciate the offer for assistance.

Step 4

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Wait for her to reach out. After some time, she will forget all the angry feelings she had for you and send you a text, an email or give you a call. When she does this, remember to drop everything and put her first on your priority list. Answer her call right away, respond to her texts and emails as soon as possible and if she invites you somewhere; attend and be early. This is not the time to be playing games, you are very close to getting her back and this is the make-it or break-it time. She will feel a sense of independence and love for you if you attend to her every wish after cheating on her. This is the only way to treat her when you are trying to get back with her. No sarcasm or anger. Act with pure, sweet, comforting energy and she will soon again be calling herself your girlfriend.