Bridal Personal Attendant Checklist

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A bridal personal attendant is much like a personal assistant in the professional environment who takes care of all the little wedding details. She may also be your maid or matron of honor. The duties the bridal attendant is responsible for are for you as the bride to assign. If the bridal personal attendant follows your checklist leading up to and on the big day, your wedding should go off without a hitch.

Pre-Wedding Responsibilities

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Prior to the wedding there are mounds of details to take care of and they can become overwhelming for you to handle alone. Your personal attendant is there to assist you with all of these things. Some details may include ensuring all the response cards have been returned and accounted for, enlisting the help of your bridesmaids in handling the purchasing or making of the wedding favors, providing transportation to your gown fittings and ensuring the bridesmaid's gowns are in order.

Wedding Day Responsibilities

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After all the planning and waiting, the day of your wedding has finally arrived and you want it to be as stress free as possible. This is where your bridal personal attendant comes in and a checklist on your wedding day is important. She is there to make sure you arrive to your hair appointment on time and she should make sure you make it to the church on time with your dress and veil in tow; she is there to field any questions from the florist to the music provider so that you can concentrate on yourself. An emergency bridal pack is a good item for the checklist; it should contain things like lipstick, breath mints, hairspray, facial powder and tissues.

Reception Responsibilities

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Once you have made it through the ceremony, your personal bridal attendant has a few things on her checklist to attend to before her duties are completed. She will stand next to you in the receiving line if you have one, next on her list is to act as back up hostess at the reception so you can relax and enjoy your party. The last items on her checklist should be ensuring you have everything you need to be comfortable, make sure the gifts make it from the gift table to a secure place and finally when you are ready to leave your reception, she should see that your gown is ready for transport home and you are set to leave for your honeymoon.