How to Make Goody Bags for Adult Parties

How to Make Goody Bags for Adult Parties. One of the things that kids love most about going to a party is bringing home a cool goody bag stuffed with candy and cheap toys. The goody bag is a novel idea, a token of esteem for the partygoers' patronage. Well, it doesn't have to be just kids that have all the fun. Next time you have an adult party, send your friends home with a little something!

Obtain a fair amount of small gift bags. They can be neutral, or, if there is a theme to the party, they can reflect the atmosphere of the occasion (ie: Halloween, bachelorette, etc.).

Throw a little bit of chocolate in there. Yes, these are goody bags for adults, but grownups like to indulge sometimes, too! If you want to keep it sophisticated for the adult palate, use something like truffles.

Add a cheap disposable camera to each bag. This way, everyone at the party can take home their own photographic memories of the evening's festivities.

Add some portable cocktails. You can do this buy purchasing single-serving mini bottles from the local package store and pairing them up with a commemorative shot glass.

Put in a few matchbooks. Many print shops can custom design matchbooks for special occasions.

Throw in a little bit of color and silliness by adding some Mardi Gras beads.