How to Make a Flower Girl Wand

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Flower girl baskets are cute and traditional, but they can also be boring and traditional. Spice it up a bit by making a wand for your flower girl to carry down the aisle. This works especially well if the flower girl is very young or nervous about dropping petals on the ground. Wands can look very soft and fairy-like in a church or outdoor wedding; decorate the wand in the wedding colors for a perfect fit.

Hot glue the end of the ribbon to the end of the dowel. Wrap the ribbon around the dowel, being sure it overlaps slightly; you don't want the wood showing through. Place another dab of hot glue at the end of the dowel, securing the ribbon. Cut off any remaining ribbon.

Cut 16 to 20 strips of tulle from the roll; each strip should be about 5 inches long. Lay them in a stack on the table. The tulle comes off the roll in 6-inch widths; cut that in half, so your new pieces are 5 inches by 3 inches.

Make two separate piles of tulle. Cut two lengths of thread and lay them on the table; lay one pile of tulle on each one. The thread should run under the short width of tulle. Tie the thread in a knot, pulling the tulle tightly together.

Lay the two pieces on top of each other in the shape of a "T." Tie them together with the thread.

Put hot glue in the middle where the two sections are tied together and stick one end of the dowel in it. Allow the glue to dry. Once dry, separate all the layers of tulle, spreading them around the dowel into a big poof ball.