How to Make a Bun Hairstyle With Thin Hair

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The bun is an elegant up-do for weddings, parties and special occasions. However, it’s easy enough to do for casual occasions, as well. Thin hair is often difficult to style, because it is prone to flyaways and it doesn’t have natural volume. This style is good for thin hair, because the rolls of hair create extra volume and the pins hold the hair in place.

Start with wet hair and comb it to remove all tangles. In a pinch, you can spray the hair and comb it to dampen it, but thin hair will stay in place more easily if it is completely wet when you begin.

Comb the hair back into a ponytail positioned behind one ear and secure it with an elastic band.

Split the ponytail into five sections. It should look like a star, with one section at the top, two on the side and two at the bottom.

Dip your fingers in hair wax and smooth it on the top section of hair.

Begin at the end and roll the hair toward to the top of the ponytail around your fingers. Roll it in the direction away from the ponytail.

Secure the roll to the head with small bobby pins when you reach the ponytail holder. Use at least two bobby pins, one on either side of the roll. Depending on how thin the hair is, you may need to use more to keep it in place. Spray the roll liberally with hairspray.

Repeat with the other four sections of hair.

Pin any small hairs or locks of hair that may have escaped. Spray the whole bun liberally with hairspray.