How to Make a Bridal Shower Banner Out of Card Stock

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Bridal showers are a time of celebration where friends and family members gather together to honor the bride and groom. At a bridal shower, the hosts serve food, the bride opens her gifts and all who attend rejoice together about the happy occasion. Those who host bridal showers often create banners to display at the shower to honor the couple. To make a bridal shower banner, many people use cardstock. Cardstock is durable, comes in many colors and is ideal for this type of occasion.

Determine what the banner will say. For a bridal shower, you can use the phrase “Congratulations!” You can also add the names of the couple to make it say “Congratulations Jim and Jen!”

Count the letters the banner will say. You will need one sheet of cardstock for each letter. If the banner will say “Congratulations!” you will need 16 sheets of cardstock if you include the exclamation mark. Choose one color, or divide it into multiple colors. If the bridal shower has a color theme, choose colors to match the theme.

Choose how to write the letters. There are two main options for the letters. You can either draw them on the cardstock or you can print the letters using a computer and printer. Place one letter on each piece of cardstock. If using a computer and printer, choose an interesting or cute font for printing the letters. If hand writing the letters, consider using different colored markers or glitter glue.

Cut out the letters. Use caution when cutting them to try to make them look as neat as possible. You can cut directly around the letters or cut them into shapes, such as rectangles or triangles.

Glue the letters onto other sheets of cardstock. When you do this, glue one cut-out letter to one piece of cardstock and use different color papers so the letters stand out.

Punch two holes on each side of each letter. Attach the letters together with pieces of ribbon. Attach longer pieces of ribbon on the outsides of the banner to use for hanging the banner up.