How to Make a Balloon Wall

by Linda Shepard ; Updated September 28, 2017

A balloon wall can provide decoration and entertainment at a birthday party.

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A balloon wall will add a big punch of pizzazz to your next children’s birthday party or special gathering. The balloons can be filled with slips of paper that reveal the name of a special gift when the balloon is popped. The balloon wall can be attached to an indoor wall or an outdoor structure like a fence or exterior wall for a backyard party. A balloon pump, found at party supply stores with the balloons, will make quick work of inflating the balloons.

Cut the computer paper into 4-inch by 1-inch strips and write messages or gift names on strips with a pencil.

Blow up a balloon with the balloon pump. Insert a strip of paper. Tie the balloon end firmly with a double knot. Repeat, for all balloons.

Attach the balloons to the foam board by piercing the tip of the balloon end with the T-pin and pushing the pin into the foam. Cover the board with the balloons.

Attach the adhesive removable hooks to the back of the foam board and use the hooks to attach the balloon wall to an interior wall or outdoor structure.

Pierce a balloon with a pushpin to reveal the message or gift name on the paper strip.


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