How to Host an 80's Flashback Party

party cup ctreamers and party banners image by Warren Millar from

Perhaps you are one of those '80s fans that never get tired of side ponytails, off-the-shoulder blouses and parachute pants. It's high time you plan an '80s party and revisit that fantastic decade of fads that are funny and memorable. Unpack your fishnet leggings and the rest of those '80s outfits and learn how to throw an '80s party that "like, totally" no one will forget.

You could like, totally record your invitation on an old cassette player. Make sure you speak in Val-speak (Valley girl language) and let guests know the details of the party. In the '80s everyone had tons of music cassette tapes because CDs weren't popular until the '90s. When you're done speaking your invite, you might want to play a bit of Madonna, Duran Duran, Olivia Newton-John, INXS, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper or Prince. If you go with this idea, include a written invitation with basic information, because some people no longer own cassette players.

One alternative invitiation to use is taken from the popular video game Pac-Man. You can use construction paper to make Pac Man or Ms. Pac Man invitations. Or, grab an old '80s fashion magazine or yearbook and clip out some of the outrageous hair styles. Write the pertinent on one side and stick it in the copy machine for some homemade 80's party invitations. Be sure to send them out 2 or 3 weeks before the party.

Have your guests bring some of their '80s pictures to use as decorations and you can also use them for a name-that-guest game. You can decorate for your party with leftover '80s fad paraphernalia, like Gremlins, Rubik's cube and Atari game systems. Be sure the soundtrack for the evening is purely '80s.

Serve the same party foods you'd serve in a modern party, but in the '80s you'd be serving them on Corel plates, because the commercials said they were unbreakable.

Brush up on your '80s dance moves by watching music videos from the decade on youtube. In fact, have them playing on the screen during your party. Be sure to check out the prisoners dancing to Thriller, and make a group effort to top that.