How to Have a Masquerade Themed Wedding

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Planning a wedding is a big undertaking, whether you’re having an intimate affair or an elaborate gala fit for a queen. One way to differentiate yourself in the quest for the perfect wedding is to host a themed event. Enchanting and beautiful, a masquerade themed event is suitable for all ages and offers a different twist on the usual wedding affair.

Determine the depth of your masquerade theme. Decide whether you're going with a fun, festive style bordering on Mardi Gras, a ball-style mimicking the mystery of "The Phantom of the Opera" or another twist on the theme, as well as whether you will be asking guests to wear masks only or asking them to come in complete costume.

Select the color scheme for your wedding, as it will dictate everything else related to your event. As a rule, steer clear of neutral colors, and opt instead for rich, jewel tones in the green, plum or gold family. Mix in metallic colors such as gold or silver to round out the look.

Pick a venue that best evokes the glamorous feeling that you’re trying to convey. If possible, choose a location that has a Renaissance-feel, with large, stately columns and elegant chandeliers.

Choose invitations that match your color scheme and theme. Opt for a formal type of invitation with a mask insignia or watermark, or choose a more brightly colored invitation that contains a large masquerade-style mask. Ensure that information explaining the masquerade theme is detailed on your invitation. If you wish, assist your guests by offering website information on where they can purchase masks for your event — unless, of course, you're planning to provide masks for each attendee.

Select bridesmaid's bouquets with the utmost of care. Integrate the mask directly into the bridesmaid's bouquets so they can pull them right out of the bouquet and put them on when needed.

Decorate your wedding and reception area in a way that plays off the mystery that surrounds a masquerade event. Create centerpieces that consist of lush plumes or feathers, masks, sequins and candles to create a romantic ambiance.

Offer guests trinkets to take home that are centered around your theme. Hire a local chocolatier to create a miniature mask made of chocolate. Provide a small box or chest with the mask hidden inside, to represent the mystery and enchantment of the wedding.

Design a cake that relates directly to the theme, ensuring that your chosen colors are fully represented on your cake. Instead of the traditional cake topper, put a specially designed mask on top your confection.