How to Even Sideburns

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Even Sideburns. If you have ever had trouble lining up your sideburns while shaving, be lopsided no longer! Here are a few easy steps that will show you how to effectively even your sideburns without using any scary geometrical instruments. So throw that protractor away and listen up.

Trim any "crazy hairs." You don't want a wild springy mess obscuring your sideburn. Use your clippers to thin out the hairs. Go easy so you don't accidentally clip off the whole thing. Do a little bit on each one, taking turns with each side.

Figure out where you want your sideburn to end. Do you want mutton chops? (If so, please reconsider!) Some retro burns? Decide what look you are going for before you start clipping.

Point both index fingers where you want your sideburns to end, then either angle out or go straight to a point on your face. It may be your nose, your mouth, or something else. Just remember where that point is and use it as a guide. Whether you choose to angle or go straight across depends on how you want your sideburns to look. The purpose of this move is to evenly judge where your sideburns will end on both sides. If you only do one side at a time, it may be uneven.

Take your clippers and start trimming. Repeat what you did earlier in step one by taking turns on each side. This way you lessen any risk of trimming too much on one side and then being forced to live with shorter sideburns than you want.

Stop clipping every once in a while to line up your fingers again, just to make sure you are still even with the same point on your face. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 until your sideburns are even.

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