How to Do Praise Dance Sign Language

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Praise dance is typically done in churches as part of the worship before a sermon is delivered. Its purpose is to praise God and enhance the worship time. Praise dance can be performed with or without using sign language. You need to learn the signs to a particular song if you wish to praise-dance using sign language. You can access Internet videos of sign language being performed to Christian songs or you could take a sign-language course.

Memorize the words to a song that you wish to perform in sign language. The easiest songs to perform in sign language are short songs that have a repetitive chorus. We can use the popular Christian contemporary song "I could sing of your love forever" as an example. The chorus repeats the phrase "I could sing of your love forever" several times.

Copy the signs for the phrase "I could sing of your love forever" by watching a video of the song being performed in sign language on the Internet or in person. Alternatively, you can copy the signs from a book on sign language.

Sign the words "I could" by making two fists facing down in front of you at your chin level. Bring your fists down in front of you to near your waist. To sign the word "sing," extend your left arm while pointing the fingertips on your right hand toward your left palm. Wave your right hand back and forth, toward you and then away from you.

Sign the words "of your love" by holding your hands open in front of you and then raising them up to near your ears. Practice the sign movements for "I could" and then "sing" and then "of your love" so that you can perform that much of the phrase in order.

Sign the word "forever" by combining the word "always" with "still." To sign "always," make a circle in front of you going clockwise with your index finger raised and your palm facing up. Your thumb should be holding your other fingers closed. To sign "still," move your right hand forward in front of you in the shape of a "y." Your thumb and little finger should be extended and the three fingers in between tucked in. Perform the sign for "always" and "still" together to sign "forever." Practice signing the words in the correct order as you listen to the song so that you can sign "I could sing of your love forever" smoothly.