How to Do a Side Braid If You Have Short Hair

Polka Dot Images/Polka Dot/Getty Images

A side braid can only be accomplished if you have hair that is long enough to swoop to the side and braid. You must have short- to medium-length hair, or hair that extends at least to the middle of your neck, to be able to create this look. The side braid is quite popular among celebrities, and it is often worn as a messy braid. To create a look similar to this messy style, you have to tease your hair while it is in the side braid.

Comb a side part in your hair. Leave your bangs out if you desire.

Spritz texture spray throughout your hair.

Pull all your hair over to one side.

Smooth the top of your hair with your hands and start a three-strand braid. A braid is essentially a weave of hair sections that are wound in and around each other.

Tie the end of the braid with an elastic hair tie.

Take strands of hair at the end of the braid and gently push the rest of the braid up toward the scalp. Repeat a few times to create a chunky and disheveled appearance.