How to Do a Braidless Sew-In

The weft, or sewed end of a hair weave track is secured to the hair with either glue or thread. Threading is one of the most popular ways to secure the hair since glue is often damaging, but threading requires a base. A braided cornrow is typically used as the base. If you lack the skills to braid or don't have the time or patience, there's another way to do a sew-in without cornrow braids.

Create the Base with Twists

Wash and dry the hair thoroughly before you begin to create the base. Comb the hair out.

Separate the bangs. The bangs will help to hide the sewed in tracks. Part the bangs with a fine-tooth comb, then tie them up with a hair tie.

Part a row of hair directly behind the bangs going to the side along the circumference of the hair with a fine-tooth comb. Start the part at the top of the head, then continue the part along the side of the head, behind the ear, down above the neck and up again to the front hairline.

Tie the rest of the hair out of the way with a scrunchy or hair tie.

Comb out the parted hair row with a fine-tooth comb.

Dab your fingers in the hair gel. Smooth a generous amount of hair gel onto the parted hair.

Grab the hair at the top of the row.

Turn the hair onto itself toward the scalp to twist it. Add more hair to the twist with your finger to continue the twist down the row. Make sure that the twist is secure and tight.

Create another part and add hair from the previous row into the new row. Begin to twist the new row. Create additional parts until the entire hair is twisted into rows.

Sew In the Weft

Insert the weave thread into the head of the needle. Tie the thread in a knot to secure it to the head of the needle.

Place the weft of the track against the twist, starting at the back of the head.

Insert the head of the threaded needle underneath the twist, above the scalp. Pull it through and around the weft to secure the track to the twist.

Repeat the process to sew the track to the twist.

Cut away any extra track from the row with a pair of scissors.