How to Cut Cool Haircuts for Boys

boys portrait in a hat on image by AGphotographer from

Keeping a boy's hair well groomed requires getting it cut on a regular basis, and the money spent at the barber shop can add up quickly. Purchasing hair clippers so you can use them to cut your son's hair at home is an investment that will pay off quickly. Buying the clippers is the first step, but from there you will need directions on how to give a boy a cool haircut that he will be happy with. If he doesn't like the way his hair cut looks, that will be the last hair cut he will let you give him.

Sit the boy down in a chair that is located on a surface that is easy to sweep, such as linoleum, tile, hard wood floors or cement. Place a towel over the boy to cover his clothes. Do not place a towel under the boy to catch the hair as the hair will get stepped on and stuck in the towel and it will become difficult to remove. Hair sweeps up easily.

Attach a 1 guard to the clippers. Turn the clippers on and shave the side of the boy's head starting from the bottom and shaving up to his temple. Do not shave any higher than the temples even though this may look odd right now, this will be addressed later. Keep the clippers firmly pressed against the boys head to insure an even cut. Continue all the way around the head until all the hair on the sides is cut.

Turn the clippers off and secure a number 3 attachment to the clippers. Pick a side at the top of the head to start from and shave from front to back until all the hair on top of the boys head is even. You will need to go over the same spots a couple times to get all the hairs.

Turn the clippers off, remove the 3 guard attachment and replace it with a 2 guard. Turn the clippers on, pick a side to start on and shave 1/2 inch higher on the temples around the head. This will fade the line on the side so the hair transitions smoothly from different lengths.