How to Cut a Pompadour

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The pompadour hairstyle recalls rockabilly music, the 1950s, greasers and Elvis Presley. Although the pompadour has gone out of mainstream hairstyles, it endures as an expression of retro styling, especially in music circles. The pompadour is more of a hair style than an actual cut. However, there are certain guidelines when cutting hair that facilitate the pompadour style, including a shorter length on the sides and longer hair on top of the head. When styling an authentic pompadour, be ready to make your hair nice and greasy.

Cutting a Pompadour

Blend the top into the sides using an electric hair clipper. Keeping the hair long on top, gradually blend the length into the sides, tapering downward as short as desired.

Determine the top length. The desired lift, or height, of the pompadour determines the top length of the hair. Extreme pompadours require hair 6 inches or longer, while tamer styles may be had with hair as short as 3 inches on top.

Cut the top hair to the desired length. Using a comb and your fingers, separate the top of the head into sections, comb each section upward, beginning at the back of the head and working forward. The hair should be between your fingers when you cut it with scissors. To achieve a uniform length, measure the hair with a ruler.

Styling the Pompadour

Wash and towel dry your hair.

Grab a handful of pomade and rub it into your hair. Comb your hair back and upward, making a part, if desired. Using a comb or your hands, continue lifting the hair in pompadour fashion, messing it up a little. Stop when you have the desired look.

Use a blow dryer to get the pompadour style. Comb and grease your hair in the same fashion, then bend your head down while drying, creating the desired lift. When dry, style the pompadour and finish with hairspray.