How to Create a Dessert Themed Gift Basket

Gift baskets are a great gift idea for Christmas and other special occasions. They are easy to make, can contain a wide variety of ingredients and can be personalized in a creative manner. Dessert themed baskets are a popular choice for making gift baskets as desserts are widely appealing to almost everyone. Even if the recipient of the basket is on a diet, you can come up with desserts that will be low in calories and high in taste. If you're wondering how to create a low-calorie dessert basket, or any other kind of dessert gift basket, read on to find out how!

Consider the recipient of the basket. Is it someone who is watching her weight? Someone who likes to bake? Maybe it is someone who loves chocolate. You will want to tailor the contents of your basket to the recipient, so it's important that you find out as much as you can about her dessert preferences beforehand.

Choose a theme based on what information you've gathered about the recipient's tastes. You do not, however, have to stick strictly to the theme. For example, for someone who loves chocolate, include chocolates of course, but you could also include fresh strawberries and a fondue set.

Add non-food items. Consider placing a dessert cookbook in the basket, along with some pretty kitchen towels or dessert plates. Again, think of your theme. A low-calorie dessert basket might include a low-calorie dessert cookbook. If you are creating a dessert basket for someone who likes to bake, consider wooden spoons, measuring cups, and other baking tools.

Add fun items. Desserts often include things such as paper cupcake cups, frosting tubes, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and small candies. A cake-themed basket could include cake decorating tools and a box of birthday candles. A cookie themed basket could include a small, personalized cookie jar.

Decorate your basket. Line it with tissue paper before inserting the items, and tie a ribbon around the handle. For a whimsical touch, dangle some silver measuring spoons from the bow.