How to Celebrate Penguin Awareness Day

BenGoode/iStock/Getty Images

Each year on Jan. 20, Penguin Awareness Day is celebrated in honor of the quirky, flightless bird found mostly in the Southern Hemisphere. While little is known about the origins of Penguin Awareness Day, on April 25 each year, people globally celebrate World Penguin Day, which marks the annual northward migration of penguins. Either holiday is a great day to celebrate penguins.

Celebrating Penguin Awareness Day

Show your awareness of penguins by dressing in all black and white for the day. Even better, wear a tuxedo so that every time someone asks you why you are wearing it, you can explain that it is for Penguin Awareness Day, furthering the awareness of penguins. Carry around a plush toy version of a penguin. Donate penguin stuffed animals to a children's charity. Send loved ones and colleagues penguin themed e-cards wishing them a happy Penguin Awareness Day. Visit your local zoo just to see the penguins. Rent or buy a documentary about penguins, and spend the evening watching it with friends. Chat about your love for penguins with everyone that you can throughout the day. Donate and encourage friends to donate to a marine sanctuary in support of penguins. Celebrate Penguin Awareness Day by making others aware of penguins.