How to Celebrate a 10-Year Wedding Anniversary

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Successfully reaching your 10-year wedding anniversary is no small task, so an ordinary celebration just won't cut it. Even if your life is busy with children and careers, mark your momentous occasion by pressing the "time out" button with your spouse. Book some time off work, have a family member look after your kids and start your celebration in a way that honors each of your personalities.

Recreate the Wedding Day

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Activities that pay homage to your wedding and reception can help you relive the details of that special day without the pressure. Take a leisurely stroll through the park in which you had your ceremony or visited for your photos and stop to enjoy a picnic inspired by the appetizers that your wedding caterer served. Let the outside world melt away as you share your wedding vows with each other once again, and then dine at the restaurant that hosted your reception. Round out the evening at home with champagne while you watch your wedding video or flip through your wedding photo albums.

Where It All Began

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Although your wedding anniversary is special, so too is the place you and your spouse had your first date. Revisit that spot, even if it's a little cheesy, and try to recreate that experience. This plan is even better if you have to travel to the location. Book a quiet bed and breakfast, and then hit the restaurant, movie theater or park where you first hung out together as a couple. Think of the details of that first date and mimic them; if a certain song was playing, download the song on your MP3 player and play it together. If you enjoyed the sunset together, visit the location at dusk.

Create New Memories

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Take the trip you've talked about for years. Whether it's a simple, all-inclusive Caribbean vacation or a car trip through Europe, pack your bags and document all your adventures on video to enjoy on your 20th anniversary. If your children are of the appropriate age, having them join you if a way to celebrate your relationship with your spouse while also appreciating the current makeup of your family. Pack a portable DVD player and your wedding video to remember your wedding day, even if you're miles from home.

Take the Day Off

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For couples on a budget or in need of some relaxation, a 10th wedding anniversary is an opportunity to take a day off. Turn off your phones, sleep in and enjoy a relaxed breakfast at your favorite restaurant. Spend the remainder of the day doing as much or as little as you desire, such as taking a walk, relaxing in the park or by a pool, getting a couples massage or visiting an art gallery or museum. Wrap up your laid-back day together by exchanging cards and telling each other your favorite memories of the last 10 years.