How to Accessorize a Toga

Whether it's for a college stunt, a themed party, or a favorite Halloween outfit, togas are a well-worn costume. For those occasions when a toga is called for, here is how to accessorize to distinguish your ensemble.

The key to accessorizing a toga is authenticity and selecting several pieces that will compliment the overall look. Consider that you are already at a toga party so everyone will look different than normal. To set yourself apart, ensure that your accessories are both lavish looking and true to the time period that togas were in fashion.

Men have it easier than women. Guys, the laurel wreath over the head will be the best thing you can wear as an accessory. Though these can be purchased from costume shops, they are easy to make:Take a wire coat hanger from the dry cleaner and shape it into a circle that fits on your head. It should not be too snug. Attach plastic (or real) leaves and wrap it around the hanger.

For ladies, this is an opportunity to have fun with jewelry you already own or costume jewelry that you can purchase. Long gold chains are both sexy and appropriate but limit them to three. If you have an amulet, or anything with a large crystal, gold in the shape of a sun or other celestial body, or a gold mesh choker, these are all interesting and viable options.The key is not to overdo it. You want just enough jewelry to compliment the outfit but not overwhelm it.A laurel can also be worn but if so, it takes the place of one piece of jewelry.

For men and women, sandals are most appropriate. For women, if you have a pair of gladiator type sandals then you are perfect. Men can wear flip flops and in a pinch Teva's or other river sandals. Birkenstocks are also a fine alternative for either gender. The following should NOT be worn: sneakers, ugg boots, knee high boots or socks.

Men, if you have a fake sword, you can wear it as long as there is a holster, but it is not expected.