How Can I Remove Links From a Swiss Legend Ceramic Watch?

Swiss Legend produces a range of analogue timepieces. Some of the watches have straps that are constructed with ceramic links held by pins. Adjusting the watch band for a different size wrist requires removing the holding pins and links. This can be done with basic household tools in a well-lit area.

Put the watch on your wrist and close the clasp. Pinch the watch band until the watch strap sits snugly on your wrist. The number of links held in the pinch is the number of links that need to be removed.

Place the watch on its side on an optical cloth on a flat surface. Look on the underside of the band. The removable links are marked with etched arrows showing the direction to push the friction pin out.

Push a pin into the holes on the side of the link that you wish to remove. Pull the exposed pin out of the other side with needle-nose pliers. Repeat this on the other pin in the link and remove the link. Remove as many links as necessary.

Line up the ends of the watch band and align the pin holes. Push the holding friction pins into the holes to reassemble the watch band. Put on the watch band and check the fit.