Graduation Party Centerpiece Ideas

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Whatever level of school your loved one has graduated from, this is an important milestone in his life. For a personal touch at the graduation party, make centerpieces that honor the graduate by incorporating school colors; also consider the level of education he has completed, his course of study and his eventual career path when choosing centerpiece items. Centerpieces on the guests' tables and other focal points in the room will catch the partygoers' attention.

Stacked Books with Ribbon

Decorate dinner or buffet tables with stacks of scholarly books. Use random school books in varying sizes, or choose books on the subject that the graduate studied or will study. Stack the books from largest to smallest, with the largest being on the bottom. Tie the stack with a ribbon in a shade that reflects the honoree's school colors.

Picture Collage

Picture collages highlight the graduate's school progress and memories through the years. Buy a poster board and attach various images of the honoree. Choose pictures that depict awards ceremonies, special school events and significant sports and social moments. Ask the graduate's friends to contribute their favorite images to create a well-rounded collage. Prop the board up on a picture stand to make it a centerpiece for a large buffet table or a display table in the middle of the room.

Law-School Scales

Honor a law-school graduate or a graduate whose next step is law school by decorating with treat-filled scales of justice in the center of each guest table. Buy scales of justice replicas and fill them with small candies or nuts (see Resources below). Place the scales in the center of the tables so that guests can munch on the treats throughout the party; be sure to refill frequently to equally distribute the weight on both sides of the scale.

Balloons and Flowers

Balloons and flowers in the graduate's school colors will show off school pride. Fill small plastic cups with sand or rocks to weigh down the balloons. Choose cups in one of the school's colors or use an appropriate shade of wrapping paper to cover the cups. Tie graduation helium balloons to the cups and set them in the center of the tables. You can also stick dried or fake flowers into the cups. If you prefer to use fresh-cut blooms, choose vases that represent the school's colors or painted with the school's logo.

Treat Bags

Create treat-filled bags that can be used as party favors as well as centerpieces. Fill small organza bags in the graduate's school colors with candy, nuts or other small treats. Tie balloons to the bags and place them in the center of the table. Each guest can take a bag at the end of the party.