Good Ways to Tease Your Boyfriend

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Keeping romance alive in a relationship can be done by being flirty with your boyfriend and teasing him with sensual or playful gestures. Teasing is an effective way to keep him interested and set sparks flying for a romantic time together.

Surprise Kisses

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Tease your boyfriend with a surprise kiss on the cheek, mouth or neck. Be playful with him and flirt with him. He will enjoy your gestures and appreciate your flirty advances. You can surprise him when he least expects it, such as in public or while he is surfing the Internet. This is an effective way to let him know that you're interested without drawing too much attention to yourself.

Dance for Him

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Put on your favorite pop or rock song and dance for him. Use the music as a way to get your body moving and tease him with your skills. Invite him to dance with you and hold him close while you dance. You can be silly, provocative or sensual. Your boyfriend will enjoy the attention and delight in your willingness to entertain him.


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Massage your boyfriend to relax him and tease him sensually. Rub his shoulders, back, neck and legs gently to allow him to enjoy the feeling of your hands on his skin. Use a scented body lotion or oil to make the massage easier and more pleasing. Invite him to give you a back rub once you're done with his back.

Secret Kisses

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When you and your boyfriend are socializing with friends in your home, go to the kitchen or another room where there are no guests and ask him to come and help you. When he comes into the room, give him a playful or passionate kiss and give him a flirty smile. Return to your guests to tease him in a playful, romantic way.