Give Into Your Love for Donuts With This Printable Box

by Machelle Vanderhoeven and Malissa Levesque ; Updated August 31, 2017

Donuts are hard to resist whether they're glazed in chocolate or made out of pancake mix. But, they're even harder to refuse when they're placed in a box made specifically for them. If you're planning to whip up some yummy donuts at your next party, pass out a fresh batch as a gift — or simply eat some for breakfast — then create this colorful box to serve them in. All you need is some card stock and our free template to make it happen. This box is the perfect size for these treats, and it can double as a plate while they're being eaten, too!

Print Template and Design

Start by printing a template. Then, choose which pattern is right for you (or use them all!), and then print that out on a piece of card stock paper. After, re-insert the paper into your printer so that the template can print on the opposite side. Follow your printer's instructions to make sure you do this correctly.

Cut the Template Out and Fold Along the Lines

Cut along all of the straight lines on the template. Then, fold along every dashed line. You can use a scoring tool or a bone folder to make creases, but these tools aren't necessary.

Create a Box

Apply glue to the outside of each square flap (the side with the printed design). Then, press these flaps into the inside of the box's long sides.

Fill the Box With Donuts!

This template will fit two to three donuts, which is perfect for sharing! You can wrap the box in colorful cellophane if you're using the box as a gift, or you can display the box — or boxes — artfully if you made them for a party.

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