Gifts & Ideas for a 60th Birthday

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A 60th birthday is a milestone, and celebrating it takes some creativity, thoughtfulness and planning. A 60-year-old still is young enough to travel and enjoy hobbies, but old enough to appreciate experiences more than gifts. Put your effort into planning the celebration and giving experiential gifts for a 60th birthday.

The Past

Plan a birthday party around the person’s younger years, playing music from that era and pulling out old photos for decoration. You can even throw a costume party, celebrating the decade of their youth and ask guests to come dressed accordingly. Give gifts of music, movies and other cultural touchstones from that era.

The Future

You also can look forward instead of back. Plan a 60th birthday party around a centerpiece gift, like a paid vacation from the guests, or a wish-fulfillment experience like sailing, scuba diving, downhill skiing or something else the birthday boy always wanted to try. Give a gift of lessons or a weekend getaway planned just for that activity.


Focus on the family. Plan a celebration full of family photos, videos and scrapbooks, and as a special gift, arrange for some faraway family members to visit. Most people have one or more close relatives they rarely get to see because of distance; children and grandchildren are especially missed. Paying for airline tickets or travel expenses for distant loved ones might be a special gift for the birthday honoree.


Encourage introspection for the person turning 60. Arrange a weekend or all-day retreat for the individual to spend time alone in silent, spiritual or personal reflection. Quiet lakes, forests and other natural surroundings can be perfect for this. Or you can plan a couple’s retreat for the birthday boy and his partner or spouse to spend a calm, relationship-focused weekend alone at a cabin or spa.


A memorable 60th birthday gift idea is to pay the birthday person’s way on the vacation of his dreams. People often have one or two places they want to visit, but have been unable to. It might be Paris, Australia, Tahiti, Kenya, the Scottish isles, Rome or Japan. This is the kind of gift many givers would have to chip in on, but a person turning 60 would remember it more than a dozen new items to wear, eat or add to their home.