Gifts for a Man's 40th Wedding Anniversay

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Purchasing a 40th anniversary gift for a husband is sometimes difficult even though you know him well. Traditional 40th anniversary gifts typically incorporate red rubies. Some gifts use ruby stones and some are just ruby-colored items. While searching for an item, be sure to get something that your husband will enjoy.

Professional Items

Some gifts are appropriate for a husband with a professional career. Show your support for your husband's office job with a thoughtful ruby red tie he will wear out on a date night to celebrate your anniversary. This gift goes well with a gift card to a fancy restaurant. Alternatively, purchase a ruby-encrusted paperweight for your husband to keep at his office desk.

Vacation Away

Take a loose interpretation on the ruby theme. Go to a destination with ruby in its name. Your husband will enjoy a trip to Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, Tennessee, if he is the outdoorsy type. Stay at a quality cabin with a hot tub so you both may relax. Alternatively, make a visit to Cherokee, North Carolina, to visit the ruby mine.

CD Mix

CD mixes are inexpensive, thoughtful and sentimental gifts. Create a playlist of songs about rubies to go along with the traditional ruby theme. Some songs to include are "Ruby Tuesday" by the Rolling Stones and "Ruby" by Kenny Rogers. More examples are "Ruby" by Ray Charles and "Ruby Dear" by the Talking Heads. Decorate the cover of the CD with an adhesive CD label. Then leave a thoughtful message on the cover, such as "Rubies on Our 40th."


Some guys appreciate jewelry with rubies on it, especially if he has fancy events to attend. For instance, buy your guy a thick, gold ring with rubies encrusted on it, or get him some silver cufflinks with rubies embedded in them. Have the cufflinks engraved with the man's initials if there is room. Alternatively, purchase a tie clip with rubies on it.