Gift Suggestions for a Boss Who Is a Doctor

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Giving a gift to your boss is always a hard decision; you want your gift to be professional yet personalized. An additional challenge is if your boss is a busy physician who seems to have it all. Physicians appreciate a small thank-you from their staff, and there are plenty of options available, including donations in their name, personalized gifts, office decor and relaxing gifts for much-needed downtime.

Giving Back

Make a donation in honor of your boss to a medical charity, such as Doctors without Borders. Other options include giving to his preferred personal charity or to a charity related to his line of work. For example, if your boss is a pediatrician, give to a children's charity. Give to an oncology-related charity if your boss is a cancer specialist.

Monogrammed Gifts

Personalize a business card case or leather portfolio with the doctor's initials. Check her business card for her appropriate initials, or even consult a recent business letter. Many professionals sign their letters with their name and middle initial. An engraved pen is another practical yet classy option. Wrap the chosen gift in tissue paper, place in a gift bag and don't forget a special card.

Office Decor

Although physicians spend many hours on the hospital floor and in the lab, they also spend time in their office reviewing files and updating notes. Share a potted plant with your boss or give him a small photograph, beautifully framed, of the local area. This is especially appropriate if your boss is not a native of the local area and moved to your area from another part of the country.


Physicians work hard and commit many hours to their hospital, patients and relevant research. Give your boss a gift she can enjoy during her rare downtime, such as a gift of literature or a magazine subscription. Base your purchase on her interests. Give a doctor that loves to sail a sailing magazine subscription. News junkies might enjoy Time Magazine or The New York Times. Other ideas include a bag of coffee beans or a selection of teas, depending on your her taste.