Gift Ideas: How to Put Balloons in a Box

Happy Birthday Balloon image by Dawn from

A balloon in a box is a surprise gift to give someone for any occasion. When she opens the large box, a balloon will fly up out of it giving her a surprise. Few things are needed to make this happen, so it is a simple gift you can put together by making a trip to your local all-purpose store that sells boxes and balloons.

Go to a store that sells balloons, boxes and wrapping supplies. Choose the balloon that is appropriate for the occasion. They have balloons that say everything from “It's a Girl!” to “Happy Birthday.” Get a box that is big enough for the balloon to fit in completely. The size of the box will vary depending on the size of the balloon.

Line the inside of the box with tissue paper. Then place the balloon inside.

Close and wrap the box. Wrap it like you would any other present using tape, scissors and wrapping paper. When the person opens the box, the balloon will fly out of it.