Gift Ideas for Girls Age 16

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Sixteen is an age when girls are considered to be well on their way to becoming women. It is also a time when many girls become critical of the types of gifts, especially clothes and shoes, they receive. Finding gifts for sixteen-year-old girls can at times be challenging. However, the more you know about the girl and what her hobbies and interests are, the easier the task becomes.

MP3 Players

iPods or portable media players can be purchased to hold more than 1,000 of a sixteen-year-old girl's favorite songs. Songs can be downloaded directly off a laptop or desktop computer. Favorite songs that the girl already has on compact disks (CDs) can also be downloaded directly onto the iPod. It takes less than a minute to download a song. Gone are the worries of a CD getting scratched. Some players, like the Nano ,are designed with built-in cameras. FM/AM radios are sometimes also built into the devices.

Mall Gift Certificate

Mall gift certificates are good gift items for sixteen-year-old girls because they let the girl choose the specific gift item that she wants. They also broaden the number of stores that the girl can purchase products from. Because most mall gift certificates can be used for up to a year, the girl has ample time to use the certificate. Teens can use the card while they are at the mall with their family or friends.

Engraved Jewelry

Engrave silver or gold bracelets and necklaces with the sixteen year old girl's name and the date that she turned sixteen. Diamond earrings for girls who want to get their ears pierced for the first time are gifts that might be remembered for years.


Ask what the girl's favorite perfume is if you do not already know it. Perfume packages that include scented hand and body lotion can last as long as four months. Consider including a bottle of scented bath beads or oil in the gift bag or gift box that you wrap the perfume in. Before you give the girl the present, write a personalized note on a gift card congratulating the girl on reaching this teenage milestone.


Journals that include a section at the front for the girl to insert her photograph can be used by a teen to jot down her personal thoughts and feelings about boys, family vacations and artistic passions. Sixteen year olds who like to write can also use the journals to record short stories and poems. Select colorful journals that are designed with covers that reflect the girl's personality.