Gift Ideas for the Woman Who Has Everything

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Isn’t it funny that throughout the year you will come across items here and there that make you think, “that would be perfect for ---.” Then, when the time comes to buy a gift, you draw a blank. This is especially true when the person you’re shopping for is a woman who already has everything. When you buy a present, you want it to be one that will be remembered, not something that will go directly in the ‘re-gift’ bin. If you’re in doubt, try some of the ideas listed below.

Indoor Waterfall

A woman doesn’t have to be an outdoor enthusiast to enjoy the sounds and reflections of an indoor waterfall. These are available in all sizes and price ranges, and each is capable of providing a soothing, tranquil atmosphere for any room.

Virtual Fireplace

Give the peace and romance of a fireplace that she can take anywhere. An ambient fireplace DVD features a full-screen fireplace complete with the crackling sounds of burning wood. This virtual fire can play on any computer or television. Pair this with a newly released book or magazine.

Gift Bag

Take the traditional paper gift bag to the next level with a designer eco-friendly bag that will last for years to come. Fill with useful items such as body lotions, bath salts, organic soap, potpourri, or scented candles. Complete the gift bag with a book or magazine and a pair of therapeutic gloves or socks. Consider giving an environmentally friendly gift bag to help her get a jumpstart on going green.

Lottery Tickets

Who doesn’t love the excitement of lottery tickets? Give instant win scratch-offs or tickets on future draws. Lottery tickets make fun gifts and could pay off big for the recipient.

Magazine Subscription

The woman that has everything may enjoy a new magazine subscription with a focus on a topic or hobby of interest. A magazine subscription may require advanced planning so the first issue is received on time; or, simply purchase an issue to give as a gift and let the subscription follow.

Give a Service

Unless the woman with everything already employs a maid or personal chef, either of these would be fun gifts that could give her the day off and lighten her load. In addition, a pre-purchased maid service or personal chef will allow her to schedule the service when it’s most convenient for her.