Gift Ideas for Middle-Aged Women

by Cathy Welch ; Updated September 28, 2017

Find gifts tailored to a middle-aged woman.

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Need a gift for a "mature" woman, someone 50 or older who is special to you? If the gift recipient is a good friend or a relative, then you're looking for something unusual and thoughtful. Here are some suggestions to help you find the perfect gift for a middle-aged woman.

Give Her Her Dream

What did she always want to be when she was growing up? If you don’t know, ask her in a nonchalant way, then buy something to support that dream. If she always wanted to be a writer, give her a subscription to "The Writer" or "Writer’s Digest." If she thought about becoming a veterinarian, give her a book on animal care. The ideas for a "dream" gift are limited only by her dreams.

A Day with You

Give your special someone a full day or half a day with you and share your time, a precious commodity for everyone, especially those in midlife. Start with breakfast, a trip to an art museum, a glassblowing workshop, a walk on the beach, etc. After lunch, take her to a matinee theater performance or a craft show. End the day with an elegant dinner.

For the Eco-Friendly Woman in Your Life

If your friend or relative loves ecology, consider a plantable journal, available from Uncommon Goods for $25. She can journal her thoughts and dreams and, when she's ready, plant the journal's cover, which is made of recycled office paper and wildflowers. Also from Uncommon Goods is a $45 Sun Jar that sits in the sun and charges via a solar cell and a rechargeable battery and then fuels three LED lights. The light comes on automatically at dark and will light up her night for about five hours.

For a Sensual Friend

If she loves to be pampered with lingerie, perfume and chocolate, give her a negligee, a bottle of Dior or a box of Godiva Truffles. A pair of organic cotton yoga pants will keep her comfortable for her stress-relieving workout. The ultimate sensory gift is a spa gift basket, especially if there are massage and pedicure gift certificates inside.

The Gift of Charity

Consider a charitable gift card, available on the web at, for the middle-aged woman who already has a comfortable life. You pay and she goes online to choose her favorite charity from Just Give's large database.

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