Gift Ideas for a Teenage Girl to Give to Her Boyfriend

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Choosing the right gift for your boyfriend can be difficult, but knowing his hobbies and likes can help you choose the right gift. A well-thought-out gift will show your boyfriend that you care for him. Teen relationships are new and exciting, and the gift you choose for him should be too.


Whether you knit, crochet or quilt, a handmade blanket is personal and will be cherished forever. Choose colors or patterns that he will like or have pictures printed on fabric of the two of you and incorporate it into a quilt. Start your blanket well ahead of time to make sure that it is finished by the deadline.


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For the avid reader, an electronic book reader can be a handy gift, and, if he owns one already, purchase a gift card to an online bookstore so he can buy and download books of his own choosing to his device. He will probably also appreciate a regular book, especially one that has special significance to you. Keep the receipt in case you bought him a book that he already owns so he can return it and get another.


Get your boyfriend a season of his favorite TV show or a movie that he has been wanting to see. Buying him a DVD of the first movie you watched together can be very romantic and sweet. You can also choose movies based on his favorite genre, favorite actor or movies that he has said he wants to see. This gift also gives you a chance to watch it with him and spend time together.

Baked Goods

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Teenage boys generally love cookies and food. Bake him a whole plate of chocolate chip cookies or another treat that you know he loves. You can also bake him a birthday cake from scratch and decorate it with icing or fondant. This type of gift shows him your artistic side and also shows how much you care because of the time it requires.


Whether your boyfriend is a sports fanatic or seriously into music, tickets to an event can be an awesome gift. If he loves sports, get him two tickets for his favorite sporting event or to see his favorite team play. If he loves music, buy tickets to see one of his favorite bands in concert or to a music festival. Buying two tickets allows him to choose to go with a friend or to take you along.