Gift Ideas for a Male's 60th Birthday

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Many people find it difficult to shop for men’s birthday presents, and particularly so for older men. A 60th birthday can further complicate the situation, because this is the point where many men go from seeing themselves as distinguished to plain old. That why, when shopping for dad’s, grandpa’s, husband’s or an uncle’s 60th birthday, it’s not only important to buy something that suits the birthday man’s tastes, but also makes him relish turning 60.

Better with Age Gifts

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Most of us would like to think that we get better, not worse, with age. Gifts that say this can be especially well-received at the 60th birthday mark. Few things age as well as wine. If the man turning 60 is a wine lover, consider a membership in a Wine of the Month club. Consider including a thoughtful note explaining that, like wine, this special man only continues to improve each passing year. If the birthday man was feeling blue about the occasion, this just might make him smile.

Accomplished Life Gifts

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By the age of 60, many people are empty-nesters. With the kids gone, retirement looming and perhaps no spouse in the picture, many men may be feeling quite empty. Gifts that remind them of everything they’ve accomplished and the legacies they’ve left behind can throw this feeling right out the window. A framed photo of grown kids and grandkids may be well received. If you go the photo route, consider adding a special touch by personalizing the frame. Personalized family tree keepsakes are another thoughtful option that will remind the birthday man of that his life has been anything but empty.

Back-When Gifts

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Turn melancholy into fun reminiscing with back-when gifts. For instance, you may consider giving the issue of Life Magazine published on the month and year the special man was born, or the issue published on the month and year of his high school graduation. Another back-when gift that may be well received is a collection of old VHS tapes --- either home tapes or favorite movies stored in an attic --- converted into DVDs or flash drives.

Still Laughing Gifts

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There’s no better remedy than laughter, and if a man appreciates a good sense of humor, then use humor to get him through his 60th birthday. Consider getting him a boxed set of a favorite funny television show or a special edition of a favorite funny movie. Some men may even get a chuckle from over-the-hill gifts, such as inflatable walkers and senior moment mints. Just be sure that the man you’re shopping for has that kind of humor. Otherwise, you may end up offending him.