Furry Boot Outfit Ideas

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Furry boots make a brave, eye-catching statement. As a rule of thumb, these audacious boots lend themselves to simpler, sleeker ensembles, creating a balance of basic and bold. Add fashion firepower to your wardrobe by pairing your furry boots with a variety of complementary outfits.

Tried and True

Slim-cut jeans or leggings tucked into boots are always a safe bet. For a casual look, pair gray fur-trimmed boots with skinny blue jeans, a plain black knitted sweater and a puffer vest. Complete this cool-weather ensemble with a gray, corded knit cap and a pair of bold-framed black sunglasses. If you've got a pair of brown furry boots, go with beige leggings, a lightweight tie-back woven tunic in a neutral plaid, and a matching brown leather belt. Finish your look with a pea coat or blazer in a classic shade like maroon or navy.

Arresting Alternatives

A long coat makes for a striking statement when worn with calf-length furry boots. For instance, pair black or gray furry boots with a sleek solid black top and leggings for clean, eye-catching lines. Top with a wool trench coat in winter white to make a statement. To create an interesting sense of balance, go with a richly textured, sweater in a neutral shade with densely patterned tights, such as faded paisley in an olive tone. Set this outfit off with matching fur boots in camel. Finish your look with a scarf a shade or so lighter than your boots.

Don't Fear Dresses

Furry boots complement solid, delicately patterned and subtly textured dresses alike. For a chic look, wear your gray or brown fur boots with a matching fur-trimmed vest, left open over a woven dress in chocolate or charcoal and leggings in black or tan. For something edgy, embrace the oft-feared black-and-brown combo with black furry boots, black leggings, a knee length dress in bone or oatmeal and a black leather moto jacket.

Furry Boots as an Accessory

Think of furry boots almost as an accessory. While real fur typically sticks to the neutral side, faux fur comes in a variety of shades you can use to accent your personal style. Try a pair of furry boots in light pink to set off an outfit in varying shades of gray, or go bold in gold with leopard print furry boots, black basics, gold jewelry, and a denim jacket. If you're feeling really color crazy, experiment with matching your furry boots to other pieces, like pairing red furry boats with a red pea coat over jeans and a white woven blouse.