Fun Things for Vow Renewals

by Janece Bass ; Updated September 28, 2017

Renewing your vows is publically reaffirming your dedication to each other.

Renewing your vows with your spouse is a public reaffirmation of your love. This is a way to acknowledge and appreciate all that you have gone through as a couple and where you presently are together. Many vow renewals take place on benchmark anniversaries, such as the 10th, 25th or 50th; however, renewing your vows can be appropriate whenever you feel it is. Plan something fun for your renewal that reflects who you are as a couple.


Involve your family in the ceremony, such as your children or grandchildren. They can be a large part of the ceremony by walking down the aisle in front of the bride or being involved in a unity candle or sand ceremony. Standing up together as a family indicates the family ties and bonds you share on top of the love you share for one another. Let your family members play instruments, sing songs or read poems or passages that are meaningful to all of you.


Celebrate by creating a party-like atmosphere more than a wedding reception. Beach or lake picnics or backyard barbecues are more than acceptable, as is a fancy restaurant or banquet hall. Display pictures from your actual wedding as well as various pictures showing the two of you over the years. Hire a band or DJ and celebrate with dancing and food. The level of formality will depend on your personal taste, although a casual environment may be more conducive to letting your guests--as well as yourselves--let loose and truly enjoy the event.


Typically, vow renewals take place on an anniversary of the original wedding. If that's the case, why not turn it into a vacation for the entire family? Go somewhere exotic that you wanted to go when you got married but didn't have the time or finances. Revisit your original honeymoon location, but bring the whole family along this time. Make it a weekend or weeklong event so everyone can relax and spend quality time together. Plan out family game nights, but keep at least one or two nights clear for just the two of you. Take a family cruise, visit the Caribbean, Hawaii, Europe, Las Vegas or rent a cabin in the woods. Whatever you choose to do to mark your vow renewal, make sure it's something the two of you enjoy together.

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