Fun Things That a Mother & Daughter Can Do

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The relationship between a mother and daughter is a special one. Fostering this bond with fun activities is important, no matter how young or old the mother-daughter duo is. No matter what interests you or your daughter have, there are a number of activities that mothers and daughters can do to together that are not only fun, but will help grow that special bond even more.


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Cooking can be a fun activity for mothers and daughters to enjoy together. Try to experiment with a new recipe for breakfast, lunch or dinner that the both of you can enjoy when you're finished. You can also try baking sweets you can indulge in, or deliver to friends and loved ones when you're done. Cooking classes are another way to spend quality time together having fun and learning something new.


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Spend time together giving back to others can not only make you feel good about doing something for others, but it can be fun as well. You can try to run a charity 5k race, and spend time together training and preparing for the race; this can not only be fun but will help you get in shape as well. You can volunteer together at a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen. If the two of you like animals, volunteer as a dog walker at a local animal shelter. Whatever you decide to do, pick a charity that both of you are passionate about to make the activity even more enjoyable.

Try Something New

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Get out and try something new that the two of you have never done before. Try to find something that both of you have always wanted to try, such as skydiving or horseback riding. You can also visit someplace new that you've always wanted to see, such as a monument or museum. You can even take a new class together to learn a new craft, such as pottery making, dancing or a new fitness class. Trying these new things will not only expand your interests and experiences but can help the two of you grow closer.

Weekend Trip

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Plan a weekend trip just for the two of you, as a chance to get out of town and enjoy some fun and quality time together. Plan a weekend trip and fill it with fun activities for the two of you to enjoy, such as trips to the spa, shopping and sight-seeing. Spending the entire weekend together will give the two of you the opportunity to spend lots of quality time with one another. You can take lots of pictures during your weekend trip and make a special scrapbook of memories from your trip for the two of you to enjoy together as you commemorate your special mother-daughter getaway.