How to Fix a Boring Relationship

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Most relationships go through a phase in which one or both people feel that the relationship has gone a bit flat and has lost its vitality. It’s a feeling that is hard to describe, but the main complaint seems to be boredom. This period usually strikes after the giddy honeymoon period when life revolves around a significant other and the brain is being pumped with feel good chemicals such as dopamine. Sometime around a year to two years, many couples feel stuck in a routine and become restless. If your relationship is feeling a little stale lately, try different things to spice it up.

Take a vacation together. Being in a new environment and experiencing new things can help to bond a couple. It doesn’t have to be an exotic vacation thousands of miles away. Simply taking a short road trip and being in a new town can liven things up in a relationship.

Plan special dates. Most couples become comfortable and just hang out with each other when they aren’t busy. Put some effort into planning special dates. For example, go out and take a hike and explore the woods. Or plan a silly and romantic night of skating to loud music at the roller rink. A night of glow-in-the-dark bowling in which the pins, bowling balls and bowling lanes all glow makes for a cool date. Or go to an amusement park and go on wild rides that make you scream together.

Sign up for a class in which you are both interested. Enroll in a dance class such as salsa, country or ballroom. Or take up a cooking class that teaches foreign cuisine. Any class that teaches a couple new things while enjoying each other’s company will put the fun back in a relationship. An art class can help partners who have difficulty expressing their thoughts and feelings to one another. A photography class can help remind the two of you to enjoy the beauty in life too often taken for granted. A class can also give the two of you something new and exciting to talk about instead of the usual topics you discuss.

Take time to enjoy the small things. Instead of watching the same old television episodes, go outside and stargaze. Take a walk in the park. Wrestle playfully in the grass or snow. Give each other body massages without expecting anything in return.

Try an adventure sport such as tandem skydiving, bungee jumping, cliff diving or scuba diving. Any sport that gets adrenaline pumping in the system can put the thrill back in a relationship.