How to Get Romantic Chemistry Back

Romance in a relationship is comparable to the starter component in a car. While the parts of the car may be in tip-top shape, without the spark that the starter provides the potential of the car lies dormant. Sometimes in relationships, romantic chemistry can fizzle out, causing emotions to become stale and mutual appreciation to crumble. Chemistry can be salvaged or recaptured when both parties in a relationship are willing to put in the effort.

Step 1

Take a small vacation together. Reigniting the flame of romantic chemistry sometimes means that you have to get away from the monotony of your day-to-day life. Taking a mini-vacation is a good way to take some pressure off the relationship and to see each other in a different light.

Step 2

Spice up your sex life. Tell each other some of your sexual fantasies and act them out together. Ensure that you respect each other's boundaries while you keep an open mind. Injecting something new into your sexual relationship will help dispel the boredom. Depending on you and your partner's comfort level, you could try some toys out together, give each other sensual messages, or give sexually oriented games a whirl.

Step 3

Get in shape. Although it is a touchy subject that's often ignored because of the hurtful implications, getting yourself in shape for your partner will certainly reignite passion. Going on a mutual diet and trimming your waist will improve your health and boost your appeal. While your partner shouldn't expect you to be a supermodel, taking time to improve your appearance will always be a major way to improve romantic chemistry.

Step 4

Make an emotional investment in your relationship. Consider writing romantic letters, going on special dates or taking walks together. Small gestures such as sharing desserts or holding hands in public can go a long way to bringing romantic chemistry back to the surface of your relationship.