How to Be Sexually Romantic

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Romance is the driver in any healthy relationship that is expected to stand the test of time. Sex is a bond that can strongly increase the kinetic connection between two partners. The perfect balance of sexuality, sensuality and romance clears the way longevity in love. Combining these elements will help you to improve your relationship or maintain an already strong bond.

Step 1

Make your partner guess about what’s coming next. While relationships are built on a certain degree of stability, you shouldn’t become sexually complacent or predictable. Surprise your partner with new dialogue between the sheets to keep the furnace of love burning hot. Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous and change up your sexual repertoire.

Step 2

Discover new areas to stimulate. Rushing straight into intercourse can ruin the romantic experience and perspective of sex between you and your partner. Show your partner that foreplay and allure are important by taking your time before diving into the depths of intercourse. Kiss places that you haven’t ventured recently or provide your partner with a sensual massage to slow things down. Remember sex should involve your entire body rather than one or two specific carnal parts.

Step 3

Experiment sexually together to respect each other’s boundaries. Try new sexual things together so that you don’t spring something new on your partner that they may not appreciate. You will both be more likely to be uninhibited when it is a mutual idea to explore. Venture into both of your imaginations and enact some of your fantasies. Avoid negative judgments of each other as this can lead to emotional withdrawal in the bedroom. This will be one of the most sexually romantic things you can do for your partnership.

Step 4

Set up a sex date. A predetermined sex date you and your partner have agreed on can provide some much-needed anticipation. Fantasize about the how the date will be and the scene in which it will take place. On your date, ensure that music, candlelight and ambiance are all apart of the experience. Creating this anticipation will also help to sexually gear your body up to pleasure and be pleasured.

Step 5

Give without expectation. Avoid being too climax oriented during sex with your partner. Take delight in pleasing your partner sexually. This can help to rev your own sexual engine and is very romantic as it shows selflessness to your mate. Once your partner clues into your enjoyment in pleasing them, they will likely be ecstatic to reciprocate when you make love.