Romantic Things to Do When Going on a Walk With Your Boyfriend

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Going on a walk with your boyfriend will provide you with the opportunity to spend some romantic alone time together. Long walks can serve as a bonding experience and can strengthen your relationship. While walking around with your boyfriend, there are a number of activities you can engage in that will make your walk more romantic and memorable.

Take Pictures

Before you leave for your walk, pack up your camera to bring along with you. Throughout your walk, take turns taking photographs of sites and scenery that you find visually interesting, beautiful or entertaining, as well as self-taken pictures of you and your boyfriend. This will document your walk together and will give you a visual keepsake of your romantic walk that you can cherish forever.

Each time you go for a walk together, do so in a new location. This will ensure you do not get bored with your walking routine and will also provide you with different photo opportunities each time. For example, the photographs of your walk through an urban location will look and feel very different from those taken in a more secluded area, such as a hiking trail in the mountains.


Go for a walk on a clear night where the stars are clearly visible. Point out constellations that you recognize and share them with your boyfriend, and encourage him to do the same. You may also choose to bring along a star chart and spend some time sitting on a park bench on your walk while looking for the constellations shown on the chart. This romantic activity will make your nighttime walk more romantic as you "discover" new constellations together.

Plan Future Dates

When walking through an urban area, pay attention to local attractions that you pass that look like they could be interesting date locations in the future. For example, you may see a new art gallery you have never noticed before or an exotic restaurant serving cuisine you have always wanted to try. Point out these locations to your boyfriend as potential date locations you can enjoy together in the future and encourage him to do the same. This romantic activity will help you bond as you find new places to go and will keep your relationship exciting as you begin to try each new place you find.

Picnic Lunch

Take a walk to a city park or on a hiking trail in the mountains and bring along a picnic lunch of your favorite foods. Take a break in the middle of your walk to sit down and enjoy a romantic meal with each other. While you are eating you can discuss the sights you have seen together during your walk or talk about your plans for the future together.

Historic Walking Tour

Even if you were born and raised in your city, you may be surprised how little history of the city you know. Schedule a historic walking tour together through your city's tourism center and spend the day walking on a guided tour of historical landmarks in your area. Not only will you learn a lot about the history of the city together, you may also meet some interesting people during the tour.