How to Adjust to Moving out of State

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Moving to a new state can be an awkward transition. Finding new friends, learning your way around and adjusting to new surroundings might be challenging but not impossible. Moving to a new state can also be exciting and become an opportunity for new beginnings. Follow a few tips and keep a positive attitude to make the adjustment go smoothly.

Step 1

Do research on your new place of residence. Visit your new state's government website, which will provide you with information about business, education, leisure and lifestyle that pertain to that area. Some local counties and cities also have their own websites that provide information that is specific to that particular region.

Step 2

Learn more about your new surroundings by becoming familiar with local markets, libraries, parks, malls and other places that you might wish to frequent. If you will be utilizing public transportation, get a bus route and map to help you learn your way around quickly. If you have access to a car, take some time to explore your new state, beginning with your neighborhood and surrounding community.

Step 3

Join a social club. If you are a parent, retiree, recent graduate or even a student, there might be local groups and clubs exclusively geared toward you. There are also social groups that interact via the Internet but also meet up in person for activities. You might find some of these activities posted in a grocery store window, at the gym or even at a local church. Joining a walking group will not only introduce you to new people but is also great exercise and can also help you to learn your way around.

Step 4

Begin to fill your new place of residence with the same comforts from your former home. Adjusting to new surroundings might be a bit awkward at first so it is ideal to start by making your living space as comfortable as possible. Making your home, apartment, dorm or other humble abode a place of joy and peace will give you a sense of comfort during the initial phase of your relocation. Display photos of family and friends and decorate your space with some familiar favorites. Add pleasant-smelling candles and fragrances to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Step 5

Find a church home. Having a church family to support you and even help you find resources while you are adjusting is a plus. Most churches also have other ministry activities that you can become involved in. This is a good way to make new friends, find new activities to keep you occupied and ultimately help you make a full transition. Some of your fellow church members might be longtime residents of the area, which makes them a great resource for any information about your new state.