Fun Company Christmas Party Ideas

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Planning a company Christmas party can pose a challenge to even the best fete-thrower. Dodge the "boring office party" rap by delighting attendees with an exotic twist or a goofy attire challenge. Even if you have a small budget or are stuck with a no-alcohol policy and the break room as the party venue, with a little creativity you can still plan a Christmas party everyone will enjoy.

Gingerbread House Decorating

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Provide pre-baked gingerbread people, a pre-assembled but undecorated gingerbread house and an assortment of candies, sprinkles, frosting and other items to create a gingerbread decorating station that is sure to become a gathering place at the company Christmas party. Giving party guests something creative to do with their hands serves as a natural icebreaker. Crafts are also a great equalizer. The company janitor may be a far superior gingerbread artisan than the CFO.

Vintage Hawaiian Christmas

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Whisk the party guests away to a nostalgic vacation with a vintage-Hawaiian-themed Christmas party. Festoon the venue with tropical decorations and retro touches, such as a potted palm tree dressed with Christmas lights, photocopied and laminated vintage Hawaiian sheet music as place mats, bowls of retro candy, a sign on the door reading "Christmas in Honolulu, 1946" and big band music playing on a real record player. Serve light luau-inspired food like pork skewers and papaya salad as a refreshing departure from the heavy traditional Christmas food.

Ugly Sweater Party

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Inspire party attendees to dig out their most hideous holiday sweaters -- or buy the ugliest ones they can find at thrift stores -- by making the company Christmas gathering an ugly sweater party. Organize a contest and offer a prize for the ugliest sweater. Depending on the size of the company and the number of attendees, you may wish to award prizes in multiple categories, such as overall ugliness, ugliest animal sweater, most hideous color and most frightening depiction of Santa Claus. Ugly sweater parties encourage people to relax and shed their inhibitions about how they look and also help break down the conversational stiffness that sometimes plagues company parties. It's hard to be nervous about chatting with the vice president if he is sporting a reindeer sweater so ugly it would make your great-aunt Betty flinch.