How to Flatter Your Plus Size Figure

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Whatever your size, looking and feeling your best is what truly flatters your plus size figure. Whether you're a pear, apple or strawberry body type, accentuate your best features selecting outfits that define your shape. Punctuate your style wearing ensembles that include specific pieces that flatter your plus body and downplay areas to which you do not want to draw attention. This includes shopping for your best fit and ignoring those pesky size labels.

Shop by Fit, Not Your Shoe Size

If you're married to a specific plus size, leave it at the mall entrance. Shopping by fit and not by size frees you to look for styles that flatter your figure type. This choice opens up the possibility to fashions you may not have considered because of the tiny label stitched in a seam that no one sees but you. Fashion designers now include tear-away labels that you can easily remove because of that same reason. Designer fashions have introduced vanity sizing by adding a bit more room to the silhouettes without adjusting the label. So if you always wore a size 12 top, but a size 14 drapes along your natural curves, don't sacrifice looking your best to stick to an antiquated number.

Voluptuous Plus Pears

If you got it, flaunt it. Narrow shoulders, small waist and wide hips can work to your advantage by shopping for styles that flatter your voluptuous plus pear shape. Look for detailed necklines, such as mini ruffles, pleating, embroidery or embellishments. Draw attention to your bust-line with a bit of cleavage. Wear flirty A-line or full skirts made of fabrics that have natural drape -- silk georgette, duchess satin or chiffon -- and stream lines your hip area. Stay clear of clingy fabrics or tiered skirts that can accentuate your derriere and add unwanted fullness around your bottom half.

Sassy Plus Apples

Shapely legs and a bodacious bust line are definite attributes for ladies with sassy plus apple shapes. This body type often carries most of the weight around the waistline or mid-section. Go for tops with deep V-necklines, empire waists and longer length silhouettes. These style details are definitely your fashion allies. Embellishments around the shoulders and bust line naturally draw the focal point upwards and away from your mid-section. Flaunt those fabulous legs wearing flirty skirts and short-length dresses.

Pretty Plus Strawberries

Gals with a defined waistline and legs as well as generous shoulders and a full bust line have pretty plus strawberry body types. Play up your waist wearing wrapped blouses with detailed V-necklines as well as flirty, flared skirts and roomy pants with wide legs. This pant style shapes your waistline and hips and removes the emphasis around your upper body. Because of your generous shoulders, stay away from structured silhouettes that often include design details such as epaulets or gathered cap sleeves.